Traveler Forum is created and supported by select loyal customers who are inspired by our deep commitment towards quality and operational efficiency. As committed customers who always make use of this transport service, we are captivated by the giant strides Blue Dog Travel has attained since its establishment, and its continued effort in providing a safe, convenient, and affordable transportation service to its numerous customers.

Blue Dog Travel began her journey of becoming a leading service company right from its early days and today, Blue Dog is a model for other transporters.

Therefore, the objective for creating this forum is to bring all fans and customers of Blue Dog Travel together, from wherever they are located across the country and beyond, as well as improve our involvement in supporting the company’s vision.

We believe this would further inspire other travelers and prospective passengers to come on board and improve our travelling experience together.

We are excited to reach out and connect with every first time and regular passenger with Blue Dog Travel to come join us in this worthy cause. Our mission is to be strongly united together and strengthen our relationship.

The Traveler Forum is also a platform through which Blue Dog Travel rewards its loyal customers and make sure they are treated special. Customers can join by points acquired through regular travels with the company.

The acquired points can be:

  • One- way ticket – two points

  • One-way ticket including a selfie post on social media about us – three points

  • One round trip ticket (to and fro) – four points

  • You’ll receive our loyalty reward of 20% discount on every trip when you earn eight (8) points.